Spring Makeup

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Curly Disco Queen

Hi guys, It's been so long since I've opened my wordpress blog and the truth is that this past year, my personal life has been a cocktail of changes. During this long period of time, I kept on sharing activity on my facebook and instagram account because it felt like it was easier that way..just … Continue reading Curly Disco Queen

Late summer makeover

Hi guys! Summer is almost over but the hot sun rays are still shining throughout the day. I felt like creating a makeover at sunrise just so that I could capture the specific sky colors which are so unique at that special moment of the day. I know it sounds crazy but I woke up … Continue reading Late summer makeover

At Dusk Makeover

Hi guys, I recently bought Artistry's Candy Box Signature Color Limited Edition and I honestly think it's one of the best they've created in a while. There are many youtubers that have already tried these products out so you can check them out and see how they work. I personally tried to use them in … Continue reading At Dusk Makeover

Colorful Metallics for blue eyes

Creative Makeup & Photos: Vero Makeup Artist Thank you for stopping by! Vero Makeup Artist

Vero Makeup Artist Services

Pantone’s Color Choice Of The Year 2017 – Weird And Perfect – I love it!

Greenery, yes or no? Leave your comments below and thank you again for taking your time to stop by!

Colors and Jeans 90’s look

End of summer colorful makeup by Vero Makeup Artist

Steampunk Couple Concept Art Project

Makeup & Hairstyle: Vero Makeup Artist Clothing and Apparel Concept : Cristian Axenoi-Panescu Photography: Sebastian Purice

Winter Fantasy Makeup

Happy New Year! Hey guys, a new year with a fresh start is always healthy so I've kept busy and creative lately in order to deliver a makeup look that I haven't tried before. Therefore, I was inspired by my friend's marsala sweater and tried on some colors that I would normally not choose for … Continue reading Winter Fantasy Makeup

New Year’s Eve Makeup

New Year's Eve makeup 2017

The Feline Flick – Cat Eye Makeup

Model: Livia Ioana Makeup Artist: Vero Makeup Artist Photography Credits: Cristian Axenoi-Panescu   Thank you for stopping by guys and if you liked this makeup look, please like, share & comment :)! Have a great day! :* Vero Makeup Artist

Sun-kissed glow makeup

Hi guys, Last day of summer is finally here but that doesn't mean our summer spirit is over yet. Most of you by now are pretty bronzy 🙂 , so am I actually, so I came up with this "sun-kissed" face glow makeup with light contouring so much as to highlight the cheeks, forehead and … Continue reading Sun-kissed glow makeup

Summer Makeup

Hei guys! Summer is kicking and vibrant colors are finally out of the closet. I 've always been fond of  colors such as lilac, purple, blue, pink and green so this time I've created a cut crease makeup style in shades of blue and lilac. I used black liner for the bottom lash line for … Continue reading Summer Makeup

Nude Smokey

Hi guys! I have recently bought this new makeup color pallete from Artistry Signature Color Edition of 2016  in cool shades called Plumberry just to keep up with the hot summer days and nights. This makeup style is appropriate for all daily occasions and it surely complements all skin types and eye colors. The blue … Continue reading Nude Smokey

Nude makeup

Dramatic Red Eye Makeup

Fantasy Makeup by Vero Makeup Arist, Spring 2016

ARTISTRY New Makeup Products 2016

A couple of days ago I had the opportunity to hold a makeup demo with the new makeup products from ARTISTRY, Pacific Lights Limited Edition Trend Collection.

Lime green pop art makeup

Lime Green Makeup Concept by Veronica Makeup Artist

Black and white graphic makeup

Black and White graphic makeup by Veronica Makeup Artist

Stylish shimmer makeup for 2015 New Year’s Eve

Hi guys! I know there is some time left till New Year's Eve party and many of you party lovers out there already know what dress, hairstyle and makeup look you will wear. But there are some of you, maybe just like me, with no plans whatsoever and with no idea on what to wear … Continue reading Stylish shimmer makeup for 2015 New Year’s Eve

Childhood friend Bridal Makeup

Retro bridal makeup for my childhood friend...

Victorian Stage Makeup

Hi guys! Lately I've been struggling to come up with some new concepts and to find new inspiration for my personal character makeup collection mainly because I always want to try something off the record. So I've stumbled upon some Victorian Women pictures and paintings. Some of these ladies were truly ahead of their time … Continue reading Victorian Stage Makeup

Snow White Makeup

Hei guys! As most of you know by now, I am crazy about characters, cosplay, movie and theatrical makeup. After a long brainstorm about which female character to represent through my makeup, Snow White popped in my head.How I came up with the idea? Well, since the movie Maleficient, everybody wanted to try out the … Continue reading Snow White Makeup

Retro Stage Makeup

Hei guys! Long time since my last post but my summer's been wild! I am back now and ready to create some new makeup & hairstyle concepts. For a while now my thoughts and feelings surrounded the idea of a combination between Retro, Boho, Stage Hippie. It is a daring combination but I think something … Continue reading Retro Stage Makeup


Hi guys! In cinematography, the use of light can influence the meaning of a shot. For example, film makers often portray villains that are heavily shadowed or veiled, using  the image of a person, animal, object or scene represented as a solid shape of a single colour, usually black, its edges matching the outline of … Continue reading Biba/Flapper

Makeup inspired from the 90’s

Hi guys! I've always studied the 90's make-up ideas closely mostly because I was pretty young and could relate to those beauty archetypes presented by the mass media. I could resonate with emphasized eye brows or bold lips traced through fine make-up techniques that would portray 'the woman of the 90's'. I tried to create … Continue reading Makeup inspired from the 90’s

Colorful Metallics Make-up

Hi guys! As many of you know by now, I am profoundly inspired by the Birds of Paradise in my make-up creations. Whenever I attempt to create a unique blend of colors I search the internet for colorful birds whether they are multiple colored or not. I try to get the best out of my … Continue reading Colorful Metallics Make-up

Smokey Eyes / Vintage Glam Makeup

Hi guys! My two favourite makeup styles are definetely Smokey Eyes and the Vintage Hollywoodian makeup style such as the famous Audrey Hepbourn makeup looks. For both of these looks I used ARTISTRY makeup products such as: Face ARTISTRY Concealer Stick- light shade ARTISTRY Tinted Moisturiser SPF 15 – Tint 5 (Natural) ARTISTRY Exact Fit … Continue reading Smokey Eyes / Vintage Glam Makeup

Horizontal Contrast

Fictional character, experimental makeup