Winter Fantasy Makeup

Happy New Year!

Hey guys, a new year with a fresh start is always healthy so I’ve kept busy and creative lately in order to deliver a makeup look that I haven’t tried before.

Therefore, I was inspired by my friend’s marsala sweater and tried on some colors that I would normally not choose for winter makeup especially in january. But, because snow hasn’t showed up yet, I guess shades of chololate brown with shades of marsala red highlighted with icy shimmery white shadow made the perfect combo. Here are pictures of how this cocktail turned up. Enjoy!




Photograpghy: Cristian Axenoi-Panescu

Model: Livia Ioana

Thank you for stopping by and until my next post, stay happy and beautiful!

Vero Makeup Artist


Sun-kissed glow makeup

Hi guys,

Last day of summer is finally here but that doesn’t mean our summer spirit is over yet. Most of you by now are pretty bronzy 🙂 , so am I actually, so I came up with this “sun-kissed” face glow makeup with light contouring so much as to highlight the cheeks, forehead and the tip of the chin.

For the eye makeup I chose shimmer shadows which emphasize tanned skin and brown eyes especially gold, dark gray, light brown, pale gold and copper.


I chose shimmery instead of matte because I find matte colors rather dull for sun-kissed skin but I enjoy matte lip colors such as light brown, chocolate or nude especially if you like to balance the shimmery shades of your eye makeup.

For contouring I used  – Artistry® Limited-Edition 3D Face Powder – Sun-kissed which gives you the shimmering glow of sun-kissed, radiantly illuminated skin. This multi-effect powder highlights, brightens, and adds dimension to your complexion. For the cheeks I used Artistry Signature Color® Blush, shade Golden Light. For a final touch, I used Artistry® Signature Eyes Volume Mascara® – Black added in three layers. I hope you guys find this look inspirational and as flattering for a tanned skin as I do.

Have a great day guys and feel free to share and comment!

Vero Makeup Artist

Summer Makeup

Hei guys!

Summer is kicking and vibrant colors are finally out of the closet. I ‘ve always been fond of  colors such as lilac, purple, blue, pink and green so this time I’ve created a cut crease makeup style in shades of blue and lilac.

I used black liner for the bottom lash line for a better contour but I left the upper lid clear in lilac because I didn’t want to turn it into a smoky eye look. I emphasised my crease cutting it in shades of blue (matte and shimmer) and I added three coats of volume mascara.


The brows are lightly colored in brown with a brow pencil but you can always use a little eye shadow in a similar color as your natural hair.

My lips are contoured with a nude lip pencil and the lipstick is a mixture between a light shade of pink and a dab of beige lip gloss on top. The cheeks are lightly colored in a shade of rose pink and for the face contouring I used the 3d powder that I’ve already presented to you in my other post. All products used in this look are from the makeup brand Artistry.

Thank you guys for visiting and I hope you find this makeup style fun for the summer of 2016 :).

Have a wonderful day!

Vero Makeup Artist

Stylish shimmer makeup for 2015 New Year’s Eve

Shimmer eye makeup 2015

Hi guys!

I know there is some time left till New Year’s Eve party and many of you party lovers out there already know what dress, hairstyle and makeup look you will wear. But there are some of you, maybe just like me, with no plans whatsoever and with no idea on what to wear on this special night ( indoor, outdoor, glam club, rock bar, or your parents couch, hope not). In that case, I always start with my makeup, then comes the hair arrangements (or not, depends on my mood) and last but not least, clothes to wear.

Shimmer eye makeup 2015

This year, I thought a cool glamorous shimmer eye would do the trick, wavy hair ( I just rolled it all up in layers and pinned each layer just as if I would use plastic rolls, sprayed some finishing spray on and left it like that until makeup was done), jeans, loose knit mint green sweater, silverish accessories (if you are blonde you could go with gold/gold-like accessories) and some crazy old/new grudge boots and you will definitely rock the house. Of course you adapt your clothing as you wish, I just shared my own style, especially if you will attend a more sophisticated party. This glamorous shimmer makeup will attract eyes on you wherever you will be on that 31st of December, 2015.  Shimmer eye makeup 2015

The balance between eye makeup, lips cheeks and face contouring should always be a priority. There are tons of pictures of makeup techniques on Pinterest that should help you get this makeup done somehow. Make sure you have a sticky creamy eye shadow base for the glitter to stick on and not fall out. That’s kind of a nice trick to use if you do not have a glitter glue around the house that is not toxic. You can use fat creamy crayons in various shimmery colors. I used Artistry, which is one of the world’s top five skincare brands. There are many types of sticky texture crayons out there, just pick one in the same colour as your top shimmer/glitter accent.

I used graphic technique for contouring and colouring my lips in nude shades. I used a brownish lip liner for the outside contour and a more dark plum lip liner for the interior contour. In between I used a chocolate beige lipstick to give it some highlight. I got this pretty cool nude contoured lips that calm down the shimmer/glitter eye makeup. I used light pink shimmer blush for highlights, light velvet for the apple cheeks and medium bronze contour powder for the face bones (including my nose, only the sides).

Tadaaa! This is how I would go out at the 2015 New Year’s Party! Stylish but casual, romantic but down to earth. What do you think of my take on this New Year’s hair & makeup look?


Thank you for stopping by guys! Have wonderful Christmas Holidays and cherish those beautiful family moments! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Last but not least, I really hope you have a blast on your 2015 New Year’s Party, whether you spend it at home with your beloved or partying like a freak at the office with other workaholics like you, outside in the snow, under the stars or at a rock bar, stay beautiful and happy! Until next time…

Makeup: Veronica Makeup Artist

Photography: C.P.Axenoi

Shimmer eye makeup 2015