At Dusk Makeover

Hi guys, I recently bought Artistry's Candy Box Signature Color Limited Edition and I honestly think it's one of the best they've created in a while. There are many youtubers that have already tried these products out so you can check them out and see how they work. I personally tried to use them in … Continue reading At Dusk Makeover


Colorful Metallics for blue eyes

Creative Makeup & Photos: Vero Makeup Artist Thank you for stopping by! Vero Makeup Artist

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Pantone’s Color Choice Of The Year 2017 – Weird And Perfect – I love it!

Greenery, yes or no? Leave your comments below and thank you again for taking your time to stop by!

Colors and Jeans 90’s look

End of summer colorful makeup by Vero Makeup Artist

New Year’s Eve Makeup

New Year's Eve makeup 2017

Dramatic Red Eye Makeup

Fantasy Makeup by Vero Makeup Arist, Spring 2016

Lime green pop art makeup

Lime Green Makeup Concept by Veronica Makeup Artist