Steampunk Couple Concept Art Project

Makeup & Hairstyle: Vero Makeup Artist

Clothing and Apparel Concept : Cristian Axenoi-Panescu

Photography: Sebastian Purice







Dramatic Red Eye Makeup

Hi guys!

I recently bought these red vibrant fantasy eyelashes from Elise and I thought it was time for a new fantasy makeup concept.

Dramatic Red Eye Makeup

For the base makeup I used Artistry liquid foundation in a natural tone, Artistry Exact Fit Perfecting Loose Powder (light and dark shades).

For the eye makeup I used Show Makeup by Fabio Stefano , shades red, yellow, white and black matte water colors.

Top lashes were coated with Artistry Signature Eyes Volume Mascara and the brows were colored with shades of brown and matte red.

For the lips I combined two shades of lipstick, light beige and natural pink but as a base, I used  professional  eye widener white pencil from Fabio de Stefano.

All in all, I had so much fun creating this look and I hope you find it inspiring for your next take on fantasy colorful makeup.

Photography credits go to Cristian Axenoi Panescu, a.k.a. C.P.Axenoi. You can find more of our work on my facebook page Vero Makeup Artist


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Vero Makeup Artist

Lime green pop art makeup

Hi guys!

I am in love with neon colors such as yellow green, lime green, pop pink, pop orange. For this look, I chose lime green as main theme and pop art as style but I promise to create looks with the other neon colors as well in 2016. I love comic female characters and pop art and it’s been a while since my last pop art makeup.

For this dramatic eye makeup, I chose black, lime green face paint water colour, matte white, a little turquoise, blue volume lash mascara limited edition from Artistry and eyelashes from Ardell. lime green pop artIf you want to create this kind of look, make sure you get the face makeup ready, place loose powder under your eyes because you might get your face makeup ruined, and eye makeup afterwards, lips should be well contoured with black eye liner on top and white eye liner on bottom lips, then apply the wet lime green color. After it’s dry, contour again with black on the bottom lip but only half way for a more graphic look.

Brands used: Artistry, Show Makeup by Fabio Stefano, Ardell, Smiffys.


lime green pop art

Photography: C.P.Axenoi

Makeup: Veronica Makeup Artist

Thank you guys for stopping by and I really hope you find this makeup look as entertaining as as I do. Until next time, enjoy! 😀 🙂 😀

Black and white graphic makeup

Hi guys,

It’s been a little while since my last post but I’ve been pretty busy with hair and makeup ideas from different styles, times, categories, countries and suddenly I realised I haven’t done a wild graphic makeup in a while.

This makeup style is pretty easy to create as a pro makeup artist at a fashion show or in theater/stage show,but at home in the mirror, is pretty challenging to be honest.



I tried to have fun with it, especially with my hair. After the makeup was done, I thought messy wavy hair should do the trick because the makeup is pretty rigid and the pink dotted wired ribbon made perfect contrast with the whole look altogether.


Products used for this look:

I hope you enjoy this crazy look at least for a fashion dress code party or for fashion shootings, editorials, etc. Share if you enjoy my post or leave a comment below. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


Makeup & Photography: Veronica Makeup Artist & C.P.Axenoi

Until next time, stay creative! 🙂

Victorian Stage Makeup

Hi guys!

Lately I’ve been struggling to come up with some new concepts and to find new inspiration for my personal character makeup collection mainly because I always want to try something off the record. So I’ve stumbled upon some Victorian Women pictures and paintings. Some of these ladies were truly ahead of their time in terms of makeup, hairstyles and clothing. So, I grabbed my makeup kit and picked up some eye shadows and lipsticks and got down to work. I didn’t have any appropriate Victorian clothing or accessories but I tried to improvise. Makeup is all about experimenting colors, foundations, cheek colors and lipsticks and playing around with hairstyles that blend with the makeup idea that you have in mind. This is what came out in the end. I hope you guys find inspiration in everything that you do and try to have fun no matter how tough it gets. Have an awesome weekend guys!



Victorian Stage Makeup

Victorian Stage Makeup

Victorian Stage Makeup

Photography Credits go to C.P.Axenoi

Makeup products used: Aristry and Show Makeup by Fabio Stefano

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Snow White Makeup

Hei guys!

As most of you know by now, I am crazy about characters, cosplay, movie and theatrical makeup. After a long brainstorm about which female character to represent through my makeup, Snow White popped in my head.How I came up with the idea? Well, since the movie Maleficient, everybody wanted to try out the evil queen makeup on. I haven’t done that yet because I still want to grow as an artist and express my ideas without following trends all the time. Besides trends, I somehow feel like I can’t do any villain right now because too much evil is all around us anyway so why not do the good characters instead and represent positive traits through makeup creativity. That’s why Snow White to me as a female figure stands as a symbol of beauty, wisdom, patience, kindness and intuition as well as human weakness which is natural. I tried to interpret  the “apple hypnosis” scene when she is tempted to eat the beautiful shiny poisoned apple. I hope you find this female character as interesting in meaning as I did and hope my makeup brought out some creativity in all you out there who find meaning in this art.

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Snow White

Snow White

Snow White

Snow White

Snow White

All photography credits go to my beloved C.P.Axenoi.


Hi guys!

In cinematography, the use of light can influence the meaning of a shot. For example, film makers often portray villains that are heavily shadowed or veiled, using  the image of a person, animal, object or scene represented as a solid shape of a single colour, usually black, its edges matching the outline of the subject called silhouettes.

Techniques involving light include backlight(silhouette), and under-lighting(light across a character form).


I have always been fond of the silent and nostalic era of the late 20’s, early 30’s. Cinematic teqniques, jazz music and the promiscuous decadence of the night clubs. People back then were struggling with post war trauma and the women were most affected in all senses by those effects. They no longer obeyed strict rules of the tradition. Many of them lost their beloved men in the war and were now struggling to earn a decent living. Many of them found refuge in night clubs. They used makeup and clothes as a refuge. They liked parties, drinking and having fun. Decadence back then was a sort of slap in the face for the American government  and soon The Flapper became a general trend throughout the world.

The flapper (or Biba, trend of the late 60’s) was considered a female entertainer who would wear dramatic makeup, heavy jewelry, could sing, dance, drink, smoke and talk politics and who would heavily contribute to the export of American jazz culture to Europe.

Nowadays, the concept of the Flapper has decayed so much that it leaves me numb in pain…just like a tooth decay (which left untreated) slowly rots the tooh to its roots, cause pain and infection and the only way to get rid of that is by pulling it out….

With the help of C.P.Axenoi, my beloved photographer, editor(and life partner

Hopefully our work will inspire you to create your own flapper/biba character. If you have and questions please leave a message or write a comment below.




Thanks for vising our work! Have a great day! 🙂

E.V.Make-up( by Elena Veronica Mazilu)

Colorful Metallics Make-up

Hi guys!

As many of you know by now, I am profoundly inspired by the Birds of Paradise in my make-up creations. Whenever I attempt to create a unique blend of colors I search the internet for colorful birds whether they are multiple colored or not. I try to get the best out of my make-up colors just to get a touch of those beautifully painted bird feathers.

This time, my eyes fell upon a Javan Green Peafowl, widely distributed in south eastern Asia, from eastern and northeastern India, northern Myanmar and southern China, extending through Laos, Thailand into Vietnam, Cambodia, Peninsular Malaysia & the Islands of Java.

For this make-up I used matte green, blue, white, yellow as eye shadow foundation. On top, I used the same colors but in a silky metallic version just to get a certain depth of the colors.

Make-up products used: Show Makeup by Fabio Stefano

I tried to create a natural but colorful make-up look that can be easily worn at any special occasion.

Photography and post photo processing by C.P.Axenoi

Make-up Artist: Vero Makeup Artist)

Colorful Metallics


Colorful Metallics

Thank you for stopping by and feel free to check my other bird inpired make-up creations :).

Green Turaco Bird Inspired Make-up

Yellow Euphonia Inspired Make-up

Vero Makeup Artist

Horizontal Contrast

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since my last post and that’s because I’ve been really busy with other projects that I’m working on besides make-up. I have recently made this face painting project with the help of my beloved C.P.Axenoi, who does all the photography, artwork, digital post processing etc., which gave us quite the fever but I think it turned out quite interesting.

Products used:

Black & white matte eye shadow from Show Makeup by Fabio Stefano which can also be used with water

Black eye liner from Artistry

Eyelashes from Ardell

Silver liquid eyeliner from a local Romanian brand, you can buy silver, gold and copper liquid eyeliner from any brand, it just helps your makeup characters look more mechanical and cool in photos.

So, that’s being said, I hope this fictional character will inspire you to create your own. Enjoy!

Photography & post processing: C.P.Axenoi

Makeup & model: Vero Makeup Artist

Horizontal Contrast

Horizontal Contrast

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Verom Makeup Artist