Experimental Lime Green

“Lime Green” or Pantone’s “Greenery”  Experimental Makeup
MUA/Model: Vero Makeup Artist
Photography/ edited by :C.P.Axenoi




Bricks and Autumn Leaves

Bricks & Leaves Face Painting

Model/MUA: Vero Makeup Artist
Photography by C.P.Axenoi

Secret Gate to the Garden…Say the magic password and the gate will open!

“Open Gate”

Bricks & Autumn Leaves

“Password accepted”

Open Gate

“Closed gate”

Bricks & Autumn Leaves

Alive at night when all’s asleep…the Gate and the Moon fall in deep…so love transforms once again


Bricks & Autumn Leaves

The Gate …


The End!


Autumn Fairy Princess

Fantasy Character face painting, created with black acrylics, orange lipstick, synthetic flowers and butterflies.

Inspired by the changes in the Autumn, …the Autumn Fairy Princess brings the flowers and the butterflies back to life.

Makeup Artist/Model: Vero Makeup Artist
Photography  by C.P.Axenoi


Autumn Fairy Princess

Autumn Fairy PrincessThank you!


Halloween Alien Mask

Intergallactic Character

Original Halloween concept by Vero Makeup Artist & C.P.Axenoi

..playing with lines, curves, cones & acrylics.. the eye melts in conic cascade
MUA/Model: Vero Makeup Artist
Photo Credits: C.P.Axenoi

Alien Mask Make-up


Thank you! Hope you’ll have a fun spooky Halloween this year! 🙂

“Lizard Lady”

“Story of The Lizard Lady” black & white texture..

Face paint: black and white acrylics

Make-up/Model: Vero Makeup Artist

Photos by C.P.Axenoi

Story by Vero Makeup Artist

The Lizard Lady returns from the desert for a new beginning…

Lizard Lady by E.Ve Make-up

…she finds the magic stone that will lift the curse;

Lizard Lady by E.Ve Make-up

…she is anxious to transform and the stone does its magic.

Lizard Lady by E.Ve Make-up

She struggles between the two realities…she sheds from her past.

Lizard Lady by E.Ve Make-up

At last she is free!…

Lizard Lady by E.Ve Make-up

The End!

Earth and Mineral Pigments Face Paint

Artistic Face Paint

Earth and Mineral Pigments Face Paint

All Unearthed paints are tinted with earth and mineral pigments. These pigments give paint a depth and radiance that cannot be mimicked by the chemical colorants used in conventional paints. I also used Black Kohl ink and blue eye lashes to get a complete and beautiful result. Pigments are fun to play with but kind of messy when used.

MUA/Model: Vero Makeup Artist
Photography: C.P.Axenoi