New Year’s Eve Makeup

Hi Everyone!

I hope you all spent wonderful moments on Christmas this year because I for one, had the best in years. But as times flies when you are having fun, New Year’s Eve party is around the corner.

Everybody wants to look good and unique at the New Years’s Eve party whether it’s the clothes, the shoes or the makeup. For this year, I chose this glam/sophisticated yet natural look that complements both younger and older ladies.

For the eyes I chose three shades of blue eye shadows. On the bottom layer I dashed some matte dark blue, on top of that I dashed some shimmering lighter shade of blue, on the outer corner I smudged some dark gray and on the inner eye I dotted some metallic blue eyeliner just to get that sparkling touch.

For the face and cheeks I used Artistry makeup products (Exact Fit Foundation, Mineral Powder, 3D Powder). Light contour your cheecks with bronze loose powder and some rosewood cheek blush but try to keep it clean and simple because you know the rule “less is more” especially on a night like this.


The lips should stay in a neutral tone because we want to emphasize the eyes this time. Try light shades of pink, chocolate, peach, coral.img_1122Thank you guys for checking this makeup out and hopefully you will find it inspiring.

May your 2017 New Year’s Eve bring you a new wave of happiness, hope, health, grace and last but not least, fun!

Makeup: Vero Makeup Artist

Photography: Cristian Axenoi- Panescu

Model: Livia Ioana

Happy New Year! 🙂


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