Sun-kissed glow makeup

Hi guys,

Last day of summer is finally here but that doesn’t mean our summer spirit is over yet. Most of you by now are pretty bronzy đŸ™‚ , so am I actually, so I came up with this “sun-kissed” face glow makeup with light contouring so much as to highlight the cheeks, forehead and the tip of the chin.

For the eye makeup I chose shimmer shadows which emphasize tanned skin and brown eyes especially gold, dark gray, light brown, pale gold and copper.


I chose shimmery instead of matte because I find matte colors rather dull for sun-kissed skin but I enjoy matte lip colors such as light brown, chocolate or nude especially if you like to balance the shimmery shades of your eye makeup.

For contouring I used  – Artistry® Limited-Edition 3D Face Powder – Sun-kissed which gives you the shimmering glow of sun-kissed, radiantly illuminated skin. This multi-effect powder highlights, brightens, and adds dimension to your complexion. For the cheeks I used Artistry Signature Color® Blush, shade Golden Light. For a final touch, I used Artistry® Signature Eyes Volume Mascara® – Black added in three layers. I hope you guys find this look inspirational and as flattering for a tanned skin as I do.

Have a great day guys and feel free to share and comment!

Vero Makeup Artist


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