Summer Makeup

Hei guys!

Summer is kicking and vibrant colors are finally out of the closet. I ‘ve always been fond of  colors such as lilac, purple, blue, pink and green so this time I’ve created a cut crease makeup style in shades of blue and lilac.

I used black liner for the bottom lash line for a better contour but I left the upper lid clear in lilac because I didn’t want to turn it into a smoky eye look. I emphasised my crease cutting it in shades of blue (matte and shimmer) and I added three coats of volume mascara.


The brows are lightly colored in brown with a brow pencil but you can always use a little eye shadow in a similar color as your natural hair.

My lips are contoured with a nude lip pencil and the lipstick is a mixture between a light shade of pink and a dab of beige lip gloss on top. The cheeks are lightly colored in a shade of rose pink and for the face contouring I used the 3d powder that I’ve already presented to you in my other post. All products used in this look are from the makeup brand Artistry.

Thank you guys for visiting and I hope you find this makeup style fun for the summer of 2016 :).

Have a wonderful day!

Vero Makeup Artist


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