Lime green pop art makeup

Hi guys!

I am in love with neon colors such as yellow green, lime green, pop pink, pop orange. For this look, I chose lime green as main theme and pop art as style but I promise to create looks with the other neon colors as well in 2016. I love comic female characters and pop art and it’s been a while since my last pop art makeup.

For this dramatic eye makeup, I chose black, lime green face paint water colour, matte white, a little turquoise, blue volume lash mascara limited edition from Artistry and eyelashes from Ardell. lime green pop artIf you want to create this kind of look, make sure you get the face makeup ready, place loose powder under your eyes because you might get your face makeup ruined, and eye makeup afterwards, lips should be well contoured with black eye liner on top and white eye liner on bottom lips, then apply the wet lime green color. After it’s dry, contour again with black on the bottom lip but only half way for a more graphic look.

Brands used: Artistry, Show Makeup by Fabio Stefano, Ardell, Smiffys.


lime green pop art

Photography: C.P.Axenoi

Makeup: Veronica Makeup Artist

Thank you guys for stopping by and I really hope you find this makeup look as entertaining as as I do. Until next time, enjoy! 😀 🙂 😀


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