Snow White Makeup

Hei guys!

As most of you know by now, I am crazy about characters, cosplay, movie and theatrical makeup. After a long brainstorm about which female character to represent through my makeup, Snow White popped in my head.How I came up with the idea? Well, since the movie Maleficient, everybody wanted to try out the evil queen makeup on. I haven’t done that yet because I still want to grow as an artist and express my ideas without following trends all the time. Besides trends, I somehow feel like I can’t do any villain right now because too much evil is all around us anyway so why not do the good characters instead and represent positive traits through makeup creativity. That’s why Snow White to me as a female figure stands as a symbol of beauty, wisdom, patience, kindness and intuition as well as human weakness which is natural. I tried to interpret  the “apple hypnosis” scene when she is tempted to eat the beautiful shiny poisoned apple. I hope you find this female character as interesting in meaning as I did and hope my makeup brought out some creativity in all you out there who find meaning in this art.

Thank you guys for stopping by and feel free to comment or share my post! 🙂

Snow White

Snow White

Snow White

Snow White

Snow White

All photography credits go to my beloved C.P.Axenoi.


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