Retro Stage Makeup

Hei guys! Long time since my last post but my summer’s been wild! I am back now and ready to create some new makeup & hairstyle concepts.

For a while now my thoughts and feelings surrounded the idea of a combination between Retro, Boho, Stage Hippie. It is a daring combination but I think something vibrant and romantic came out of the mix.

The concept evolves around stage concerts especially summer festivals :).. I had jazz back-up vocal ladies in my mind as well as  hippie boho singers from back in the day all inspiring me to actually do something in this way. The hairstyle involves medium to long hair  braied  in a long dutch braid which I than wrapped a in a wired headband retro head scarf.

Makeup was done with products from Make-up Studio(translucent powder no 2), Artistry (concealer and foundation) and for the eyes and lips I used Show Make up By Fabio Stefano. Let me know what you think about my concept :). Would you wear this on stage? 🙂 Leave a comment below!

If you have questions about this concept please PM me. Thanks for stopping by!

Veronica Makeup Artist

Retro Stage Makeup


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