Daytime/Work/Office Makeup

Hi guys!

I’m very fond of transparent/translucent make-up because it gives me a boost for a good attitude whenever going somewhere or meeting someone or even going to work, it’s less intimidating and it doesn’t make me think about how I look all the time..I guess it gives me mobility and a natural feel about myself.

I know there are many of you out there fond of this particular make-up style or technique so I guess this look is relevant to you.

So, If you would like to wear a translucent make-up look, you need to have clean, hydrated skin. If you are dealing with skin issues, try my recipes for hydrating masks or even considering some new healthy foods low on sugars that will surely change your skin radically and of course, you should drink natural plant tea which really tones yours skin and enlightens it. Sport and leasure activities will also do the trick if you want your skin to look healthy and shiny because stress is out there and taking action really fast on our health. All these “hard to do” tasks are necessarry in one’s lifestyle in order to stay in shape and look healthy thus liking to wear soft, translucent make-up.

Those out there that are not willing to change their stressful lifestyles will always have skin and health issues making them wear layers and layers of make-up just to cover things up.

For this make-up look, I used some of my favourite ARTISTRY products such as:

ARTISTRY Concealer Stick– light shade

ARTISTRY Tinted Moisturiser SPF 15 – Tint 5 (Natural)

ARTISTRY Exact Fit Pressed Powder – Cream shade ( for the eye make-up base and for under the eye area )

ARTISTRY Signature Eyes Length & Definition Mascara

ARTISTRY Light Up Lip Gloss – Confetti (neutral)

ARTISTRY Automatic EyeBrow Pencil – Taupe

ARTISTRY Cheek Color– Rosewood and Sunkissed

For the eye make-up I used warm shades of browns, cream shades, silky shimmering palletes. You cand choose your own colors but make sure you dab your brush just a little in each of those colors and blend well just to make sure you get that “transparent” look. Insist with your mascara thus making your eyes look bigger without having to wear intense colors.

Makeup Artist/Model- Vero Makeup Artist

Photo credits- C.P.Axenoi

Daytime/office/work make-up


I know ARTISTRY can be hard to find because they don’t sell at large scales but there are many distributors around every big city of the world so you can always ask on the internet who has acces in your town or city.

If you do not have any of the listed products above you cand always check out the links and get inspired.

Hope you enjoyed my post and hope you all stay inspired and enthusiastic !  🙂


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