Soft make-up for blue eyes

I love Artistry makeup products as well as the cosmetic care products due to their luxurious texture, their innovative and creative ideas and remarkable performance in all of their broad pallet of products. I’ve been consuming Artistry for 15 years now, in daily skin care as well as make-up products and never have I felt the need to change any of those with other famous brands. I have “met” many brands along the way but I never got that same quality and outcome from any of them such as the Artistry skincare and make-up products. I will be doing more reviews soon.

For this make-up I used ARTISTRY Fall 2012 Escape to Paradise Color Collection:

ARTISTRY™ Length & Definition Mascara for captivating cool, lavishly long lashes.
“Gilded Chalet” palette

Eye Shadow
• Warm Sable – Soft neutral tan
• Golden Nugget – Pure gold shimmer
• Golden Mink – Deep golden brown
• Cocoa – Brown with golden shimmer
• Antique Bronze – Soft brown with golden shimmer
• Soft Suede – Pale peach tan with soft shimmer

Cheek Color
• Warm Spice – Soft coral
• Cognac – Medium coral

Review of these amazing products and some make-up ideas made with the help of these products here.

Make-up for blue eyes

Model: Diana
MUA: Vero Makeup Artist
Photography/Editing: C.P.Axenoi

Thank you!


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