Herbal Detox Tea/Green Tea and Milk Bath

I recently read this recipe on a blog on how to make your bath time more pleasant without using foam, which can irritate or dry out your skin. It involves green tea and/or detox tea which you can buy at a local store with natural and organic products. It’s really easy to prepare for this relaxing bath. While you’re there, why not make a cinnamon and nutmeg face mask and just wait 20 min and then you can cleanse out.

Just infuse 4-7 bags of green/detox tea the next time you take a hot bath. The herbs will soothe your skin and you can still get many of the benefits even if you’re not a big tea drinking fan. 🙂

You can upgrade that with some rose petals of different colors in the water for more skin moisturizing benefits. I would also add 2-3 glasses of milk as well, until you get a whitish color of the tea water you just made. It’s just optional. Read more about milk baths benefits here


be3508dda5880cde3133f5b507f929e9Original recipe here.

Thank you!


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